This section will give you a better understanding of our process for the selection of a Church Planting Resident.

Step One:
Complete Application and Background Verification (Click "Apply" and fill it out. You can save the document and come back to it)
Initial Interview with Jeff Reecer

Step Two:

  • Complete Online Inventories

  • Upon completion of your initial interview and verification of your background, we will provide links that will enable you to take several online inventories. Not only will these help you understand how God has gifted you, but they will allow us to know you better.

    • Church Planter Profile FREE ISA

    • Strength Finder 2.0

    • Leading from Your Strengths

    • Prepare-Enrich Marriage Assessment (if applicable)

Step Three:
Upon completion of your inventories, the BrookstonePlants Leadership Team will meet to verify all of your documentation, discuss your references, review your assessment results, as well as the recommendation from your pastor, and your written testimony.

Finally, a time will be scheduled for you and your wife (if your hitched) to interview in person with the BrookstonePlants Leadership Team.

Step Four:
Following your interview and allowing time for prayer, we will notify you of our decision regarding your application. Upon your selection to our Church Planting Team, you will be asked to sign a covenant committing to the process and vision of BrookstonePlants.

Church-Based. Experience-Driven. Partially-Supported. Two-Year Church Planting Residency.