In order to ensure that you and your family are supported and have all you need to establish and maintain a healthy and growing body, BrookstonePlants will hold one annual gathering in Asheville.

As a member of BrookstonePlants, you will have a network of other church planters for support, sharing, and continued personal and ministry development. In addition, you will benefit from the ongoing mentoring relationship with the staff of BrookstonePlants and the church.

Below are the requirements for membership in BrookstonePlants:

  • Completion of the two-year CPR training

  • Monthly scorecard report

  • Attendance at a BrookstonePlants Conference in Asheville, NC (October) annually

  • At the time of your public launch, make a monthly gift to CPnet of 3% of your average monthly budget. (i.e., $120,000 annual budget/ 12 = $10,000 x 3% = $300.00 gift /monthly).

Church-Based. Experience-Driven. Partially-Supported. Two-Year Church Planting Residency.