Development is crucial. It is important that we all grow and develop. Jesus did. The goal of BrookstonePlants and the district ministry, is growth. Growth in souls won to Christ and the growth of these souls into soldiers for Christ.

The goal for the Church Planter Resident is simple. At the end of two years he and his family are ready to establish a church in their community of deployment, outside of Western North Carolina. Rather than arriving in a community with no training or experience in how to establish a church, the planter will be equipped and have the experience to establish a church that has within its DNA the vision to plant more churches! Imagine the multiplication of souls won to Christ.

The Church Planting Resident and his wife, if married, will have access to the pastoral staff of Brookstone Church. The DEVELOP process will consist of meeting weekly with the Pastor of Evangelism and Church Planting. In addition, we have established a Mentoring component with our elder pastors, an Expose component with other leaders within the church family, an Experience component with the leaders and families of the district, and an Evaluate component.


The CPR will have a monthly meeting with our Senior Pastor for eight out of the 24 months he participates in the program. The CPR will have a monthly meeting with our Executive Pastor, our Pastor of Biblical Counseling and Discipleship, and our Pastor of Student Life Development. The CPR will meet with each of these pastors for six months each in two, 3-month blocks. The resident will schedule time with each person and the person you meet with may make assignments, appropriate to their area of focus.


The CPR will have a monthly meeting with additional pastoral staff and directors in addition to the meetings with the elder pastors. The purpose of Expose is to give the CPR a well-rounded understanding and exposure to all facets of a church ministry.


The best teacher for any of us is experience. You can read about something, but until you put it into practice, it’s a book. Your time at BrookstonePlants will be spent primarily in the district. Over the two years that you are with us, you and your family will be doing exactly what you will be doing when God directs you to deploy to a community of His choosing. Your toolbox will be full, you will be covered in prayer, and you will have a network of other church planters (BrookstonePlants) that you know to assist you, and many relationships with the people of the church as well.


Evaluation is vital for improvement. Each CPR will be asked to evaluate himself, his activities, and the health and productivity of the district.


Development Plan (Year One)

Development Plan (Year Two)

Church-Based. Experience-Driven. Partially-Supported. Two-Year Church Planting Residency.