• CPA, Legal, Counseling, and Strategy Consultant's at no cost to you or at minimal cost

  • Your fellow planters, residents, apprentices and interns


We will:

  • Help secure additional support from state conventions and NAMB

  • Provide the following:

    • Audio/Video production up to $500 for years 1 and 2. $250 for year 3

    • Graphics/Printing services up to $500 for years 1 and 2. $250 for year 3

    • Legal Consultation as needed, if extensive could be billable at a greatly reduced rate

    • CPA Services as needed, if extensive could be billable at $75 per hour (or less)

    • Monthly visit at your site from the Church Planting Pastor

    • Strategy Planning, an annual assessment and planning for the first 3 years

    • Biblical Counselor will make an annual visit to do marriage and health assessments for first 3 years

    • Mission Teams (2 per year) to assist you with surveying, assessment, evangelism or event coordination

    • Intern exposure to your city once per year

    • Lifegroup assistance on an every-other month basis from Acclamation through Launch and beyond as directed by Planter

    • A detailed plan through each stage that is tailored to your particular context

    • The value of the above assistance BrookstonePlants will provide exceeds $26,500 over the 3 years

  • Provide a limited relocation benefit of up to $1,000 to be reimbursed from receipts for moving expenses.

  • Help you locate suitable housing in your plant community


We will:

  • Prayerfully help you determine where within a five-hour radius of Asheville, NC you will plant

  • Put boots-on-the-ground in the community


We will help you:

  • Assimilate people to your team from Brookstone and the communities we are reaching

  • To understand the demographic make-up of the plant community

  • Survey the community


  • We will help you define the plan that will be tailored to meet the needs of your church plant

BrookstonePlants will require a monthly celebration report, so we can monitor and assist as needed as we celebrate all that God is doing through you and your team.




Your time at BrookstonePlants has been preparing you and your family for this glorious event. It is now time for you to deploy and plant the church that will reach your community for Christ and plant more churches!

BrookstonePlants will support you in the following ways:


  • Lot's and lot's of prayer


  • As God leads, we believe that there will be Assimilation team members from the church and community, who will relocate with you to plant the church

  • Team's from the church to assist in worship and reaching your community

Church-Based. Experience-Driven. Partially-Supported. Two-Year Church Planting Residency.