In order to have a clear understanding of the program, there are several terms that require further explanation:

The pastoral staff has researched the area around the existing church property at the Flat Creek Exit off of I-26, roughly 25 miles to the north and 25 miles to the south, and divided the communities into eight districts. Each district will be assigned a district team, consisting of a church elder, a church planter resident (CPR), and an apprentice. These district teams will be responsible for evangelizing, discipling, and ministering to their specific district, and ultimately point these people to the ministry of the church.

The goal for the CPR is simple. At the end of a two-year commitment, he and his family will be ready and commissioned to establish a church in their community of deployment. Rather than arriving in a community with no training or experience in how to establish a church, the planter will be equipped and have the experience to plant a church that has within its DNA the vision to plant more churches! Imagine the multiplication of souls won to Christ! As God directs, the elder will continue on with their district ministry and partner with the next CPR. Those that have joined your team through the Assimilation process in whatever capacity will join you in fulfilling the call.


BrookstonePlants, is the Church Planting Network of Brookstone Church. BrookstonePlants, is a family. It is a network of fellow church planters, and Assimilated members and their families, who have experienced or are experiencing the same training and opportunities you have faced or are facing. BrookstonePlants will become a lifelong network of support, sharing, education, and encouragement for the planters and their families. A CPR will have at his disposal the prayers and support of not only Brookstone Church, but also other families that are endeavoring to do exactly what you are doing.

BrookstonePlants is now an EQUIP Church through a partnership with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. What that means for you is this, you can begin or continue to earn college credit towards many degrees, just by joining our residency and doing some additional writing and reading. Classes are facilitated right here at Brookstone. Contact the Pastor of Church Planting or check out the website at www.sebts.edu/equip/.

The DNA of an BrookstonePlants Church Planter Resident (CPR)

A CPR will be a prayerful, entrepreneurial person. The CPR will also be focused on building relationships, have a heart for the lost, and strive for the welfare and health of the body of Christ through discipleship. Further, he will be coachable, willing to listen, take action, and will have a track record of such. 
As we have sought the Lord in designing a system for developing church planters, our goal is simple. First, that our system is practical and second, that it is experiential. After two years of training and experience, and the CPR is deployed, he will arrive at his destination knowing exactly what is required to be a successful church planter. It is vital to establish a healthy, growing, body of believers that have within its DNA, the desire to plant churches.

While serving at CPnet, you will spend time being mentored, coached and exposed by our leaders and then putting into practice what God is teaching you. The CPR will meet with the Pastor of Evangelism and Church Planting on a weekly basis. Next, he will meet once a month with two additional pastors or members of the support team. To recap, the CPR will have at a minimum, one weekly meeting and two monthly meetings each month. This program will require a minimum of 20 hours per week of your time, in addition to attending at least one weekend service at NABC each week for the two years you are with us. One week during your second year of ministry, you will be given the opportunity to preach during all weekend services. If additional experience is needed, we will arrange for additional preaching opportunities.

The BrookstonePlants vision is that the CPR will plant a church outside of Western North Carolina but within a five-hour radius of Asheville, NC that will, in turn, plant churches. It is not our vision or plan to plant churches within Western North Carolina.

As part of our church planting team, we want you to know what you can expect from your partnership with BrookstonePlants, as well as our expectations of you.


The CPR candidate’s support will come from 3 sources: 1/3 CPnet, 1/3 Personal Fundraising, and 1/3 Employment for the two years your in the residency. Support beyond the residency will come in a different form (be sure to look at the deploy section under the Resident tab).

Brookstone will provide:

 A limited relocation benefit (reimbursed with receipts up to $1,000)
$1,000 a month for two years
A modest expense account
Help to explore additional funding through the Baptist State Convention of your church plant, local associations and North American Mission Board, if applicable.
Training for personal fundraising
Help to find housing
Help to find employment


With other CP’s and CPR’s, elders, and assimilated members
With pastoral staff and leaders at Brookstone

Each CPR must meet the following criteria:

  • In agreement with the latest Baptist Faith & Message 2000

  • Articulate a call to Gospel Ministry

  • Strong family support

  • Strongly recommended by his local church

  • Coachable/Teachable in all areas

  • Accountable to the leadership team at BrookstonePlants


  • Lead, implement and maintain a prayer strategy to support the evangelistic, discipleship, and ministry activities necessary to reach the district for Christ.


  • Train and Certify in Evangelism Explosion (EE). Certification will be provided by BrookstonePlants

  • Train District Members in EE

  • Share your faith regularly

  • Lead evangelism efforts in district


  • Train in Lifegroup methodology, “Equip for Life” at Brookstone

  • Attend monthly Lifegroup meetings

  • Establish and lead a new Lifegroup (within first 6 months)

  • Promote, evaluate, and maintain Lifegroup health

  • Train Lifegroup leaders

  • Multiply Lifegroup (beginning of year 2)

  • Networking and multiplying Lifegroups district wide



Church-Based. Experience-Driven. Partially-Supported. Two-Year Church Planting Residency.