Personal. Experience-Based. Growth. Kingdom-Multiplying. Partnership. Life-Long Relationship with People that have Common Experiences and Goals.

If you sense the Call of God on your life and are seeking an partner to join with, where you grow and learn and nail the Call down, look no farther, you have found a home. If you have nailed the Call down, but want to gain some experience and join with a church network to help you prepare to fulfill the call, look no further.

The Network is comprised of three unique ways to propel you forward regardless of where you are, in your journey. No plant grows without RAIN!


As a BrookstonePlants Resident, you will have the training and support of our entire team, coupled with the experience of living in “District,” where you will learn and hone the skills needed to accomplish the mission. Your time will be much more than books and theory. It will be real-life, hands-on, head-down experience that will prepare you to start healthy multiplying-minded churches.

The first year of your residency will focus on evangelism and lifegroups as you lead the effort to evangelize and disciple the people in your community. Year two will focus on multiplying lifegroups, as well as developing a comprehensive “Launch,” plan for your rapidly-approaching deployment to the place of God’s leading. The support does not end there. Prayerfully, you will be accompanied by a team because of the relationships you will have developed, to serve as lifelong companions toward fulfilling the call God has placed on your life.

Begin the journey, scan the code to learn more about an experience that will change your life by becoming part of this unique residency.



All of us at Brookstone would like to thank you for your interest in BrookstonePlants Assimilation (BPA). We have been praying for your involvement.

Assimilation is a way of life at Brookstone. We are all being assimilated, as we continue to move forward in becoming more like Christ.

Our Residents are tasked with Reaching, Winning and Discipling (Assimilating) people to Brookstone and Assimilating people to join their Church Plant Teams. Joining a team takes on many forms. It can be full-time, part-time or even on a periodic basis. Teams are looking for people for every role imaginable.

If you are feeling led to join a team in any capacity, look no further, you can begin the Assimilation process today.

Click the Assimilation tab and let's begin a life changing journey!



Explore God’s call on your life. The INTERSHIP is a 7 day experience designed to prepare you for whatever lies ahead. You may know exactly what God is calling you to, you may not. You may have never considered it. Regardless, we have you covered through CONNECT!

CONNECT is low cost, short-term and high impact. Come gain practical experience that will meet you where you are and guide you in the direction God sends you. Join us for a hands-on church planting experience as you SHARE, REACH and GROW.


Christ calls each of us to share our faith, but that can be scary. Share will help you gain confidence to share through an interactive and hands-on learning experience. By the end of CONNECT, you will have gained the confidence to share Christ with anyone, anywhere! When we SHARE, we CONNECT!


Jesus calls us to go and meet people where they are and build relationships. REACH is designed to help you discover your gifts and then put those gifts to work in communities. During this hands-on learning experience, you will design and implement an intentional strategy to REACH and CONNECT with people.


Christ did not call us to make converts. He called us to make Disciples. GROW is designed to equip you in leading healthy Lifegroups that multiply into other healthy Lifegroups. We GROW, when we CONNECT!

Let’s go, click on the apply button to begin a 7 day journey that will be life changing!



  • a group or system of interconnected people or things.

  • connect as or operate with a network.

  • a group of people who exchange information, contacts, and experience for professional or social purposes.

If you participate in BrookstonePlants as a Resident, in Assimilation or as an Intern, you are part of the Network.  The Bible talks about a network in a way you may not have considered.

Ecc 4:12 Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

Join BrookstonePlants and be part of something bigger and stronger than anyone of us can be on our own. The Network that is BrookstonePlants, and by the way, it is eternal!Click on the role Resident, Assimilation, or Intern and let's begin the journey that will change your life!

No plant grows without RAIN, Resident Assimilation Intern Network!


As you have seen, within BrookstonePlants there are various opportunities to be part of the family. Resident. Assimilation. Intern.


As a participant in BrookstonePlants, you will have help while your here in Asheville area and beyond as God directs. Aside from the leadership of our Elder Pastors, Pastors and directors, you also have various professional's that will help insure the establishment of healthy churches.

  • A lawyer to assist with legal questions and practice

  • A Certified Public Accountant that specializes in non-profit/church practice

  • A Certified Strategy Consultant specializing in working with churches and has church planting experience

  • A Certified Biblical Counselor on staff

  • Lead Pastor's totaling 60+ years of Pastoring Experience

At every every step in the answering the "Call" and beyond, you will encounter barriers. It's been said, "new levels, bring new devils." They do and along with God the Father, Son and Spirit, you will have a team of partners to help you overcome the barriers for the Kingdom's sake.

Just select the tab your interested in and apply! Of course, you are always welcome to click on the "Contact Us" tab and submit your question or just give us a call. Thank you for your interest and may God Bless you!





BrookstonePlants is the church planting ministry of Brookstone Church in Weaverville, North Carolina. Our vision is crystal clear! We believe God has called us to share the Gospel with every man, woman and child in our community and to plant 25 reproducing churches that will do the same.

We have divided our ministry area into 8 districts (this is not the hunger games) to accomplish this goal. Simply, there are 8 teams led by a Resident and assisted by Assimilation team members and an Elder that are tasked with reaching, winning and discipling the communities for Christ. It is hands-on and experience driven. It is an environment for you to grow and hone your skills to expand the Kingdom of God.