Church-Based. Team-Oriented. Experience-Driven. Community-Impacting. Life-Changing.

Development is crucial. It is important that we all grow and develop. Jesus did. The goal of Brookstone and the district ministry is growth.


In us

  • In souls won to Christ

  • In people being discipled in Christ.

Through your involvement, the goal of Assimilation is simple.

  • To grow personally

  • To clarify your call

  • Identify your role within the team.

Regardless of where God is sending you, the things you have learned and experiences you have gained will prepare you for success.



During Assimilation, you will:

  • Be working alongside the Church Planting Resident, Elder and members within the district to reach, win and disciple the community

  • Receive training in Equipped for Life (our LifeGroup methodology) and Evangelism Explosion.

  • Be trained and prepared to lead others in these fundamentals.

  • Be challenged to share your faith and then disciple these people and others.


During Assimilation, your primary mentors will be:

  • The church planter

  • The the elder.

A secondary mentor will be the Pastor of Church Planting.



During Assimilation, you will be exposed to:

  • Various staff members and roles here at Brookstone.

  • The planning and execution of many events and happenings in district.


You will have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with all sorts of people that could last a lifetime.


Experience is a great teacher. You can read about something, but until you put it into practice, it’s a book. Your time at Brookstone will be spent primarily in the district.


Evaluation is vital for improvement. During Assimilation, you will be asked to evaluate:

  • Yourself

  • Your activities

  • The health and productivity of the district.

Further, the district team (CPR & Elder) will evaluate your contribution to the team.


Development Plan (Year One)

Development Plan (Year Two)