Church-Based. Team-Oriented. Experience-Driven. Community-Impacting. Life-Changing.




To ensure clear understanding of the program, let's define some common terms:

The staff has researched the area around the Brookstone Campus, off of I-26, roughly 25 miles to the north and 25 miles to the south, and divided the communities into eight districts.

Each district will be assigned a district team, consisting of:

  • A church elder

  • A church planter resident (CPR)

  • Assimilated team members

These district teams will be responsible for:

  • Reaching

  • Evangelizing

  • Discipling

  • Ministering

To their specific district, and ultimately point these people to the ministry of Brookstone Church, in preparation for planting the church God is leading the team to plant.

Brookstone Plants
Brookstone Plants (BSP), is the Church Planting Network of Brookstone Church (formerly CPnet and North Asheville Baptist Church respectively). Brookstone Plants, is a family. It is a network comprised of fellow church planters, and church planting residents, and their families. Many have experienced or are experiencing similar training and opportunities you have encountered or are facing. BSP could become a lifelong network of support, sharing, education, and encouragement for the planters, elders, teams and their families.

The DNA of Brookstone Assimilation
A person sensing the call of God and willing to discover God’s plan for their life by actively supporting a Church Planting Resident and Elder in reaching, winning and discipling the people that live in the district.

The “in” district experience will prepare you to function within the team that will ultimately launch to plant a healthy multiplication minded church. In short, a church that plants churches!

The Church Planting Resident will assist each team member in the following ways:

  • Prayer

  • Growth opportunities

  • Training for personal fundraising

  • Help to find housing

  • Help to find employment

 With other CP’s and CPR’s, Elders, and CPA's
 With pastoral staff and leaders of the church

Each Assimilated Member must meet the following criteria:

In agreement with the latest Baptist Faith & Message 2000
Strong family support
Strongly recommended by their local church
Coachable in all areas
Accountable to the leadership team of Brookstone Church/Plants and Resident

Assist (CPR) in Leading, implementing and maintaining a prayer strategy to support the evangelistic, discipleship, and ministry activities necessary to reach the district for Christ.


  • Train and Certify in Evangelism Explosion (EE). Certification will be provided by Brookstone

  • Assist in Training District Members in EE, and M4M

  • Share your faith regularly

  • Assist (CPR) in Leading outreach efforts in district


  • Train in Lifegroup methodology, “Equip for Life”

  • Attend Lifegroup meetings

  • Assist (CPR) in establishing a new Lifegroup

  • Assist (CPR) in promoting, evaluating, and maintaining Lifegroup health

  • Assist (CPR) in Training new Lifegroup leaders