We have recently changed our name from CPnet to BrookstonePlants, in case you have found your way here via the CPnet web address and have been redirected.

BrookstonePlants is the church planting ministry of Brookstone Church near Asheville North Carolina.

Do you sense the call of God on your life? Are you seeking a place where you can grow, learn, and explore the call? Look no further. You have found a home!

Do you know God’s calling in your life and want to gain some experience? Join with BrookstonePlants to help you prepare to fulfill the call.

Our vision is crystal clear! We believe God has called us to share the Gospel with every man, woman and child in our community and to plant 25 reproducing churches that will do the same.

We have divided our ministry area into 8 districts (this is not the Hunger Games) to accomplish this goal.There are 8 teams led by a church-planter resident, assisted by an assimilating team members and an elder, tasked with reaching, winning and discipling communities for Christ. It is hands-on and experience driven. It is an environment for you to grow and hone your skills to expand the Kingdom of God.

BrookstonePlants is comprised of three unique ways to propel you forward regardless of where you are in your journey. No plant grows without RAIN!